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After Pentecost

The Pentecost gathering at the new Global Spheres Center in Corinth was a wonderful time of revelation and fellowship.  The highlight for us gardeners, of course, was the dedication on Friday of the Twelve Tribes of Israel Prayer Garden.  What a joy it was to see such a lovely representation of the Body of Christ gathered on the garden pathways as we presented our offering to the Father.  It was such a blessing to see so many visitors basking in the presence of God in every corner of the garden.  Of course, there were times when folks were “baking” as well as basking, since the temperatures hovered in the nineties all weekend!  Even so, there was always a breeze in the garden, and the oak trees provided welcome shade.

As the summer progresses, we will focus on planning and preparing the remaining sections of the garden, pulling weeds, and tending the health of the existing plantings.  When September and cooler temperatures arrive, the planting will begin again.  I will continue updating you with progress on the hardscape features being added, descriptions of the remaining tribes and their characteristics, and life in the garden.  For now, I want to share the most recent pictures of the garden I have from my morning walk last Thursday.

Bless you all!

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