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And the Heat Goes On

When the thermometer holds steady in the 100’s and the earth radiates its stored heat, it’s hard to believe that we were complaining about the snow and ice just a few months ago.  And yet, we all know that the heat will eventually loosen its grip, cooler temperatures and shorter days will return, and rain and snow will fall once again.  By the end of February, I will be impatiently waiting for the first signs of spring while I try to stay warm.   Such is the nature of seasons and life!  In the meantime, thank God for sprinkler systems!

At the Global Spheres Center and the Israel Prayer Garden in Corinth, we are braving the heat in preparation for our move.  In the garden, we continue to work, water and weed in anticipation of the Open Door Meeting at the end of July.  Jesus completed the pathway and Gentile threshing floor last week.  Take a look:

Thinking cool thoughts in Texas,


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