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Fog in the garden…

Hello all!

This morning there was heavy fog around here and I had a field day taking photos of the garden and new land in it. I played around with some black and white editing as well, so you’ll see a lot of those. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Fog really makes for some interesting and creative photos – you have to really zoom out and look at things from a wider perspective to see the beauty and contrast in what you’re looking at. If you’re looking too closely at one facet of your surroundings, everything just looks dreary and washed out. It made me think about how sometimes we focus too much on the small things, and how if we would just look at things from God’s perspective, we’d see that there is beauty in the bigger picture. I have to remind myself sometimes that God sees where we are from a much greater perspective, and where we are is part of His plan for the bigger picture of each of our lives and destinies. So thank God that even if we can’t see it, He sees everything and has a plan and a purpose for each of us.



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