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Be Still

Shabbat Shalom, All!

It has been pretty nippy here in Texas this week – though I’m sure those of you who live in colder climates would scoff at what we southerners call nippy. I gathered some pictures and videos Wednesday and today and wanted to share my walks with you. There was ice on the water features today and the sun came out long enough for me to get some beautiful footage! God never fails to direct me where to look for pretty shots, even when everything is brown and faded. I can walk out on the darkest and dreariest days and still come away with photos and videos worthy of sharing with all of you! All I have to do is walk out with my camera and ask God what He wants to share with all of you today.

It was overcast all morning, but as soon as I walked outside the sun came out and stayed out until I was finished. I walked back out a little later and it was overcast again! I feel that He was telling me that as long as you have an open heart and submit your will, He will always make a way for you. It is bitterly cold and spending time outside isn’t high on my “things I’d like to do” list, but I went out anyways and He made my time worth it. When we submit to His will and simply say, “Here I am Lord, send me!” He will always pour out His favor on you. So as you rest in His presence this shabbat, be still and know that He is there. Know that He is in every situation and every circumstance, and He is bursting at the seams to shower you with His favor and glory; all you have to do is open your heart and receive it.



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