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Rain of Grace

Hello all!

We had some beautiful rain here last week! Chuck had asked for the rain as a prophetic sign, and the Lord faithfully poured out on us. I was reminded of the spontaneous song “Rain of Grace” from our Descending into Triumph album and decided to share it along with the video for you.

Sometimes when I’m feeling condemned or just low, I realize that I’ve come out from under God’s spout of grace and mercy. As the song says, His goodness is a river washing over us – we can always choose to stand under the rain of heaven and receive His grace and mercy. It is always available to us – we just have to choose! So choose to stand under His rain of mercy and grace this week, and allow Him to wash away the film of the world. Allow Him to wash away all of the things that have tried to oppress you and hold you captive, and shine in His glory!



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