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After Head of the Year

After so many visitors the last few days, the garden was strangely quiet this morning when I arrived.  Everyone who works and volunteers in the garden was blessed beyond words by so many souls walking, praying, and enjoying the tangible presence of God in this dedicated piece of earth.  Thanks to all who came in person to the Head of the Year Conference.  Those of you who joined on the web and keep up with the garden through this blog, thank you for your prayers and comments.  I read every comment personally.  I admit that I am often moved to tears when I read how this labor of love touches many of you.  I am blessed to be a part of this special garden, but I am equally blessed to be connected to so many of you through the pages and photographs of this blog.  And so, my gift to those who came and those who couldn’t  is another walk in the garden the morning after the conference.  Shalom.

Before Head of the Year

If you have ever been to Glory of Zion in the days leading up to a conference, then you know exactly what it feels like to be an ant getting ready for winter!  Staff and volunteers work together to prepare for visitors from all over the world.  Vendors come and go, delivery trucks rumble through the parking lot, and the office staff checks and double-checks the to-do lists!  In the garden, we have wrapped up our projects and put away the tools in anticipation of guests.  Rest assured, we will bring out the tools again on Monday morning, but for now, all of our equipment is tucked away in the shed or in our pick-ups.  And so, until next week, here is a quick look at the garden.

Labor Day in the Garden

Our first Labor Day in the Israel Prayer Garden was one of firsts and foundations.  At eleven in the morning, the first wedding in the garden was held on the Threshing Floor.  Jesus De La Cruz and his lovely wife, Michelle, renewed their vows in front of a small gathering of family and friends.  The weather, though a little windy, was beautiful.  After months of intense heat, we enjoyed a cool, clear morning in the garden while Jesus and Michelle affirmed, new and fresh, their covenant relationship.

At one o’clock in the afternoon, I met the representatives from Tulsa, Oklahoma, in the garden for the installation of the Zebulun gate.  Over the last few months, these wonderful, enthusiastic folk have prayed, consulted, and sought the Lord over His vision for the tribe of Zebulun.  Along the way, they collaborated with Kenny and Andrea Tapp, our resident compost experts.  Kenny caught the vision for the gate, then designed and built it.  The result, as you will see, is truly a work of art.  The gate reflects the characteristics of the tribe of Zebulun and establishes a foundation for the rest of that portion of the garden.

Enjoy the slide show!