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Hello all!

Late last summer, Daniel Arenas, Kathy Jordan and I met out at the bee yard for our weekly inspection.  We had been contending with some parasitic and disease problems in some of our hives and needed to evaluate the success of the prescribed treatments.  Within minutes after meeting outside the yard and before we suited up, all three of us shared what the Lord had been speaking to each of us concerning our chosen method of bee keeping.  Simultaneously, the Lord had impressed all of us to switch our bees over to top-bar hives.  And so, with that confirmation, we began the process of researching and learning all that we could about the more natural process of keeping bees in top-bar hives.

In March, Daniel took a two-day class on top-bar bee keeping in Waco, Texas.  He came home from the class full of knowledge and enthusiasm.  Daniel and his team immediately began preparing new top-bar hives and a new bee yard for the arrival of our bees in April.  

Yesterday, the bees arrived at the post office!  With more storms on the way, the crew pitched tents over the bee yard to protect the bees as they settle in to the top-bar hives.  Here, then, is Tracey’s video of the bees!




April showers bring May flowers…

Hello All!

We had a deluge of rain on Monday, and I put on my camera rain cover and got some great pics and video. I’ve compiled them with the pictures and video of the sunshine last week into a great big blog update for y’all! The first thing that came to mind when I was wading through flooded pathways was the old saying they teach in elementary school – April showers bring May flowers. It struck me how such a simple pneumonic device for learning the seasons bears so much resemblance to our spiritual journeys and the fruit we bear after enduring a season of storms. I always try to take heart during the difficult stretches of road, because we know that if we’re going through a trial, it almost always means that a new season of joy is just around the corner. I tried to illustrate that through this video and pictures, and I hope you all enjoy them!

The video is set to “One Magnificent Song” from the new CD, Judah Goes First, which is now available on iTunes so check it out here –

Also, I am happy to inform y’all that a few prints from the garden are now available to purchase on the website! You can find them here –



Passover in the Garden…

Happy Passover Week!

This week is our Passover gathering and I wanted to share a video with y’all of the transition from winter to spring in the garden. The images of the desolation and scarcity turning to beautiful vibrant color and fruitfulness never ceases to amaze me, and remind me that God never fails, and never abandons us. Just as Jesus was crucified and rose, there is always beauty after death, when we know where we are going. This applies to all aspects of our life, from our carnal death to our seasons of death and the promises that follow. As you enter in to Passover this week (don’t forget to join us here or on the web!) thank God for His promises and mercy, and rejoice in the beauty of knowing that the rainbow always follows the storm.

The songs I used for this video are from our new CD – Judah Goes First – which will be available very soon on iTunes so be watching for it!