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A Picture of Harvest…

Hello All!

The grapes are just about ready for picking – I went out early this morning and took some video and pictures for you to see the abundance of fruit the grapevines have produced this season. What a picture of God’s faithfulness to His promises! After seasons of sowing and pruning and toiling in the vineyard we are seeing the first fruits of this season’s bountiful harvest. Please enjoy these photos (some of the garden in the early sun!) and the video, and declare that you WILL see harvest this season!





Shabbat Shalom All,

Here are a few photos from my walk through the garden last night. In the midst of all of the turmoil in the world right now, be thankful that there is always Shalom — wholeness and peace — to be found in God. Our shalom does not depend on circumstances or current events, it depends on our immersion in the presence and glory of God. Please enjoy these photos, and I pray supernatural and abundant peace for all of you.

Blessings and love,



Shabbat Shalom, all!

The watches we have been having over the last few weeks since Pentecost have been incredible, with such rich revelation coming forth. One of the songs I’ve listened to during this time is “Transform” from the Darkness Turns album, and its prophetic exhortation was really resonating this week, so I put together a video with¬†garden footage (as well as some beautiful stock video clips I found)¬†so that you could enter in and receive this word of transformation. Pentecost was a time of transformation — once the people were filled with the Spirit, they were never the same again! Declare that you are coming out of your cocoon and being transformed!

I’m also including a beautiful photo of the geese in the Meditation Garden that Jesus sent me yesterday. The baby geese have also transformed!