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Change is in the Air

As summer winds down and we look forward to the cooler days of fall, I want to apologize for my absence from the Beulah Acres blog.  Many of you already know that Chuck and I moved to Corinth in August, and that is my excuse!

When our family returned to Texas in August of 2000, we moved into a house in north Denton.  For the last twelve years–the longest I have ever spent in one house–we finished raising our children, gave some of our children in marriage, and welcomed three new grandchildren, all in that typical Texas ranch house.  That house in north Denton is where we all watched and prayed through a fateful day in September 2001.  In that house, we said goodbye to cherished pets and welcomed rescued dogs who became part of the family.  Our family grew and changed a lot in that house.  That house echoed many times with tears, prayers, and rejoicing as we watched God deliver a beloved son from the grip of alcohol.  If a house could talk, that house would have much to say.

After Glory of Zion relocated to Corinth, Texas, in 2011, we knew that the day would come when our family would have to do the same.  While the drive from north Denton to Global Spheres Center was nothing compared to the commute many people make, we knew that God wanted our family to make a commitment to the community in which we now ministered and worked.  So, when we found the perfect house within Corinth’s eight square miles of territory, the path was plain.  During the month of Elul, with the King in the field, our family relocated to a new field.

On this, my third Shabbat in the new house, I choose to take a break from unpacking and say “Shalom” from Corinth.