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Change Your Perception…

Shabbat Shalom All!

Last Sunday the worship and prophecy that came out was so incredible, and if you were unable to join us I encourage you to go back and watch the replay. As you might know, the Perseid Meteor shower took place this week, and I spent several hours out in the garden Wednesday night trying to capture some of it on film. Unfortunately we aren’t in a prime location for seeing them, due to light pollution, but I did manage to get one of them on film which I included in the video.

One of the main prophetic words Sunday that came forth in prophecy and in worship was “Change your perception.” God has been talking to me a lot about this lately, and I have really meditated on it in the context of what I do with the camera, and then relating it back to my spiritual walk. I actually had my final art project this week, which was a collage of narrative panels, and I had struggled and strived over it for hours on the final day. When I felt I’d finished, I wasn’t quite connecting with the piece, but I was exhausted and out of time so I said “this will have to do.” I then walked around to the other side of the table to fix something at the top of the piece, and I saw it upside down and was floored! It spoke volumes to me and took on significant spiritual meaning when I looked at it from this perspective. So, when I presented the piece, I hung it in the way that God had shown me.

All of this to say that your perceptions and perspectives are so important! If your camera angle is upside down, or too narrowly framed, you will miss what God is speaking to you. So thank God that He is changing your frame of reference and perspective in order to see and hear Him more clearly!

Please enjoy this video, and have a blessed and peaceful Shabbat and weekend!


Deluge of Glory

Hello All!

Shabbat Shalom from the Israel Prayer Garden! The word came forth on Sunday that the Lord is getting ready to unleash a deluge of His Glory, and to change the way in which we rest. I have included those words in this video, along with some of James’ new song so that you can hear what God is speaking over us right now as you enter in to His rest. Please enjoy the video, and thank God for the coming deluge!