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Securing our southern borders!

Happy Thursday!

This week in the garden we have been working on connecting the garden with our new land by a pathway, as well as erecting a new fence between the two. Here is a little gallery of photos documenting our progress.


Song of Songs 4:16

Hello, Blessed Worshippers!

I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments on the Run to You video — it really blessed me to see so many people being touched and ministered to by what we’re doing here in the Garden. It inspires to me to do more for all of you, and I am already working on the next video! I am so thankful to have such a beautiful place to film in, and such beautiful and anointed people to film. This place really is overflowing with God’s glory and creativity, and it has brought me immense joy to be here and be a part of it.

I saw this bible verse yesterday — Song of Songs 4:16 — and was inspired to do a little video for it. God has really been talking to me about the many facets of the Garden and what it stands for. I really think it paints a beautiful picture of who we are and who God is to us. Just as the gardener tends to and nurtures his garden, so God does with us. And just as the garden flourishes, blooms, and worships the Creator, so we do to Him.

I hope this video will bless you and minister to you, and I declare that each of you are cherished portion of His Garden and you will rise up and be a picture of His Glory!

Much love,

Run to Him!

Hello, all!

These last few weeks I have been working on a music video for one of Leann Squier’s songs called “Run to You.” It is from her album titled “Letting Go,” (both can be purchased on the ever convenient iTunes, yay!) and is one of my favorites, as well as Pam’s.

Pam had asked me to make a little Garden walk-through video set to the music of this song, and so I started listening to it over and over to get ideas. Inspiration struck immediately, and I was flooded with images and ideas for making an entire music video. I ran outside and through the Garden – like a giddy kid who’d just discovered ice cream for the first time – to find Pam and tell her my ideas. She was, of course, absolutely on board and told me to move forward with it. She lent her wisdom and ideas, and was there for shoots – organizing candles, finding me lamps, or feeding us snacks. I really enjoyed collaborating with her on this video and I believe it is a first fruits for many projects to come.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it, and I hope it will touch your spirits as much as filming it touched mine.


Anticipating the rain!

Shabbat Shalom!

This week we enjoyed some much needed rain (we are praying for more!) and cooler weather. In the hours before the first rainfall I walked through the Garden with my camera; it was much quieter and more still than usual — almost as if the Garden was holding its breath in eager anticipation, just as we were.

This little video includes footage of before, during and after the rain. It occurred to me when I was editing it that while you regularly get to experience the Garden with us through video, you rarely get to experience it through sound. With that in mind, I did not include music with this particular video and instead left the audio that I captured, in hopes that you would enjoy the snippets of sounds of the Garden.

Enjoy and be blessed!

Monday in the Garden…

Hello all!

As you dive into the busy week ahead (conference week here at GSC!) spend a minute or two with us by watching this short little video from my walk through the Garden this morning. I especially loved getting up close and personal with the ducks today and having a chat with them about the Texas heat.

Enjoy, and have a blessed week!


Wildlife in the Garden

Happy Thursday!

We humans are not the only ones who enjoy the beauty of the Garden here at Global Spheres Center — the wildlife loves it too! Here is a little video of some of our non-human Garden dwellers enjoying God’s creation. Enjoy!