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The 20th of Av, 2013

As we enter in to Shabbat on this 20th day of Av, I wanted to post these pictures of our walk through the new property. The storm clouds were absolutely magnificent! As you welcome Shabbat, look through these pictures and imagine all of the wonderful things that God will be doing on the land in the coming season!


Celebrating New Life!

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to share some photos with you that I took last week and this week in the Garden. We had some beautiful, much needed rain that really made the Garden perk up and just glow. You will also know from the emailer sent out that the Pierces have welcomed a new addition to the family! Amber gave birth to Baby Elijah early yesterday morning, and he is just beautiful! Take a look through this new gallery of photos of the Garden and celebrate God’s gift of life with us!

Be blessed!


Breaking Down the Barriers… Part Two!

We are still working hard to eliminate the barriers between the two properties, fighting the heat, snakes, and poison ivy!


Hello fellow dirt lovers!

It is important to me that y’all are able to constantly be a part of what we’re doing here in the Garden, so I am writing today to let you know that I am handing over weekly updates to one of our media staff – Tracey Liggett – who will be making sure you guys can tune in every week! I will still be writing posts here and there, but she will be updating you regularly.  

Early Morning Rain in the Garden

The Prayer Garden was so beautiful this morning as we enjoyed some much needed rain.

Tearing down the barriers

Watch the fences coming down!