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Spring in the Garden

Spring has arrived in the garden!

After Passover

The Passover Conference last week–our first at Global Spheres Center–was, in my opinion, the best ever.  The Spirit of God was so present and tangible!  Resurrection Sunday morning, in particular, generated such an atmosphere of faith and celebration that the air vibrated.  And during the sunrise service, our exuberant rooster, Peter, crowed repeatedly.  The whole earth is filled with His glory, and even the livestock praise His name!

The weather during the conference was beautiful, so everyone was able to enjoy the gardens without an umbrella.  As for the garden: well, it seemed to be waiting in anticipation for Passover, because the roses burst forth in glorious bloom just before the first visitors arrived.  The monarch caterpillars fattened up on the milkweed plants in Simeon to the point that I had to make a nursery run for more! Now we’re waiting for them to emerge from their chrysalises as fully transformed butterflies.

As the last cars left the parking lot on Sunday afternoon, the clouds thickened, grew darker, and rain began to fall.  Over the next 24 hours, the rain gauge registered two inches of rain.  God is good.

As I close out my Shabbat this afternoon, I leave you with a series of photos from the garden.  I thank the Father that I am blessed to spend most of my days laboring side-by-side with Him in the garden He set apart in Corinth, Texas.

Shalom Y’all.