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The Colors of God’s Glory

Hello all,

Here are more photos of the garden from my walk through today. Every day there is something different to see, and it reminds me of the millions of facets of God’s glory. Please enjoy!



The first fruits of spring!

Shabbat Shalom All!

We have passed over, spring is in full swing, and the colors are absolutely stunning! I continue to be amazed at the new things I find to photograph when I venture out into the garden with my camera. It is such a blessing to see the fruits of everything that has been labored for! Thank God for the fruit that is coming forth from the pruning and deliverance you endured during the winter season. Please enjoy these photos and think about how they represent what is going on in the spiritual body. It is such a joy and blessing to be able to go outside at anytime and see a tangible picture of God’s works in us! If at any time I don’t understand what He is doing in me, I can simply go and talk to Pam and she can show me a picture of it in the garden. Be blessed and encouraged!



Happy Passover All!

The irises that are blooming here in the garden are absolutely beautiful. Please enjoy these photos and if you are able to join us on site for Passover, be sure and take a walk through the garden because it is in full bloom right now!


I come to the garden alone…

Shabbat Shalom!

I put together a video today set to the old hymn “I Come to the Garden Alone,” featuring Celestine Pierce dancing on the threshing floor. Please enjoy this sweet “soaking” video, and take some time to find your quiet place of communion with the Lord as He is seeking alone time with you.

This version of the song is performed by Mt. Carmel Worship, and can be purchased on iTunes.


New Pics of the Garden…

Shabbat Shalom!

Here are some new photos of the garden for you to enjoy! Spring has officially come!