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Baby Geese!

Hello All!

We have new baby geese in the garden (and a baby goat!) and another mama goose expecting soon. I was able to get close to them yesterday and get some adorable footage of these little cuties. You can hear the parents hissing at me towards the end of the video, warning me to stay put and not touch their little adventurous ones, who were getting a little too close to me for their comfort! Please enjoy these photos and video, and have a blessed Shabbat and weekend!



Breath of God in the Garden…

The breath of God is blowing in the Garden!

If you were unable to join us on site or by web last night for prayer, be sure and check out the replay on our website! It was an incredible time of prophetic worship and decrees! One of the things the Lord brought forth were prophetic words about the breath of God, and new breath being released to blow into and through us. This very word has been illustrated by the abundance of strong winds here over the last few days, and I’ve put together a video of this wind blowing through the Garden. Watch for the moments where the wind blows the clouds over and sunlight floods the entire Garden – it’s such an incredible illustration of His Word! The Hawaiian prayer at the beginning of the video is from this past Sunday morning when Christine Patu made declarations about the breath of God and released it in this place. The next three days were some of the windiest days we’ve had in awhile! Thank God for His mighty winds that are releasing new breath into our lungs!

Please enjoy the video, as well as many pictures I’ve included from the Garden this week. The music from the video is James Vincent singing “Sing Hallelujah” from our Judah Goes First album, available on iTunes or the webstore!