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Wildlife Part Two!

Here is the promised video of some of the wildlife here at Global Spheres Center. Enjoy!

Wildlife on the new land..

Shabbat Shalom, All!

Today I whipped out my zoom lens and got some great footage of some of the wildlife we see here regularly (including a rare species of little blonde five year old known as the “Chloe Pierce”!). Shortly after I took these photos Pam and Chloe both took an accidental dip in the shallow, muddy part of the pond; unfortunately I was not there to capture that amusing moment. Please enjoy the photos, and look out for the wildlife video coming soon!!



More signs of spring…

Hello all,

I hope you all enjoy seeing the first blossoms of spring as much as I do, because here is another collection of photos of all the new growth, including the first buds on our Chardonnay grapevines!

First blossoms of Spring!

Happy Monday All!

Spring is upon us here in North Texas, and the garden is beginning to bloom! Please enjoy these pictures of the first blossoms of spring (including some of a nest of baby bunnies we came across!), and declare that you are beginning to bear new fruit in the new season!



A Picture of Restoration

I put together this little video for Pam’s birthday and I wanted to share it here with y’all so you could see the transformation that the Israel Prayer Garden has undergone since we acquired the property. It truly is a picture of restoration! Thank God and declare that there is nothing that God can’t restore!


More signs of spring!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

The daffodils are now blooming in spite of the up and down weather we’ve been having (80 degrees Saturday and in the teens on Sunday!). Yet another beautiful sign of the fruitful season to come! Enjoy the little signs that God sends your way of promises to come.