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Eye of the storm..

Hello all!

I’m back on the blog after a week of conference and post-conference work! I want to thank those of you that approached me during the conference and said such kind words about the blog! I so appreciate all of you and as I’ve said before, it blesses me immensely that you all enjoy my posts.

I went out and got some video of the garden before the storm that was supposed to come in this afternoon (haven’t seen much more than sprinkles yet!) and the clouds were just beautiful. They reminded me of what has been prophesied about the eye of the storm and the peace and refuge that we have in it. Please enjoy these photos and video, and thank God for His supernatural peace and protection amidst the chaos!

The one photo of the unique cloud formation (that looks like an angel to me!) is actually from Monday.

Abundant blessings to each of you!