Shabbat Shalom from the Garden » Early morning on the Threshing Floor

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  1. Simply Beautiful and amazing.


  2. Posted by Alan Burns on August 8, 2011 at 4:34 pm

    as a child, gardening was always an “assignment” for me….but I find these pictures refreshing and ALMOST, it persuades me to start something of my own in my back yard…threshing floor was prophesied to me about 9 years ago….it has been an event…more chaff in me than I realized….keep thinking it is over, yet it continues on….catching the early sun is like a “glimmer” of hope!….bad as I want it to be over, yet not UNTIL all is accomplished…how incredible that you would have this there…will trust to see it in person!


  3. Posted by LaQueta on August 11, 2011 at 5:01 pm

    How I long to walk through those gates, lay myself down on that threshing floor and finally rise again with a heart that has been made ready for His highest purpose. Isaiah 28:27,28 (Good News Bible)


  4. Posted by on September 26, 2011 at 5:29 pm

    All I can say Is “wow!” I knew nothing about this church. I was at a Health and Wellness Conference and I was talking about my move to TX briefly to a lady at the Curves table. They gave me a coupon for a free visit and all I said was I can’t use it because I was moving to TX. On my way out, this lady who was parked right next to me was one of the ladies working that table. She advised me on where I should be. She gave me this website and the pastor’s name and then told me she was a prophet. She has never been to TX to visit, but said this is her covering church here in MN. Look at God ordering my steps! Not only that, but I had no idea where it would be, and then she said Denton. Then I did a map search for the new church in Corinth and it is only 19 min or less from where I am moving in Savannah. I have watched the History and Future video, seen the vision of the house and what you believe. I will be there. I come to this website and just cry because I know it is all God. God knows the desires of my heart and this is it. It is all his leading and I can’t wait til I get there. I have to be in this garden and under this ministry. I Can BELIEVE how he is ordering my steps. God is CREDIBLE!!! I need to be taught and I come as a child!!!!!


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