Little by Little » Preparing the boat for Zebulun

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  1. Posted by James Fenley on September 6, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Dear Pam, I’m Excited to see the Zebulun section of the garden being built. I live in Zebulon, GA, and consider GOZ my church. I hope to come and visit with you all very soon. When I do, would you like for me to bring you some Goldenrod from Zebulon? If yes, how many? I would like to find a House of Zion near me, but don’t know how. I am in your computer system and tithe to GOZ on a monthly basis. Be Blessed, James E. Fenley JR.


    • We would love to have some goldenrod from Zebulun, Georgia. Bring as many as you like and I’ll make room for them, starting in Zebulun. I forwarded your comment to the office so they can follow up on your inquiry about a local House of Zion. Be blessed!


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