Changing Seasons in the Garden

Since my last post on November 2, we have been experiencing the changing of seasons in the garden.  We had our first frost, another welcome shower, and a visit from the Denton County AgriLife Extension Horticulturist, Janet Laminack.  Next week, members of the Denton County Master Gardeners Spring Garden Tour Committee will pay us a visit, as well.  They start planning and preparing well in advance for the May garden tour.

So much is happening, inside and out, here at Global Spheres that I have just a few moments to post a few pictures.  Hope you have enjoyed your Shabbat as much as I did!

Shalom, y’all,


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  1. Posted by Mary Moline on November 12, 2011 at 11:00 pm

    These photos were LOVELY! I enjoy all four seasons in the garden, but I love to see the quieting effect fall brings.


  2. Pam, I always love to read and see, from your perspective, “how does our garden grow.” But what really floors me is the grace we have when only a Texan can say “Shalom, Y’all!” I just love your comments!


  3. Posted by Dottie Maryott on November 12, 2011 at 11:49 pm


    Thanks for the lovely stroll this evening thru changing seasons! How enjoyable the lovely colors behind/thru the Goldenrod, the muted colors in Gad and the new riverbed…….OOHh, loved moving through those rocks. No wonder James sings with such feeling and warmth when he spends time among such beauty and things near Gods heart. It’s always such treat to come upon a stroll with you and your camera. I can’t wait for the BOOK. Beulah Acres is truly the Balm of Gilead when the world presses in…..Shalom and blessings to you, Pam Merci Bien, Dottie


  4. I never cease to be amaze at how certain spots in the garden are so beautiful no matter what season it is! The master gardner has a lot to do with this! She is so in tune with God!! Love you and all very much.B etty Moore


  5. Posted by Helen Coffman on November 22, 2011 at 2:51 pm

    I visit this page often and feel the presence of the Lord flow through the pictures — my stroll in the garden via long distance. This morning as I viewed the images once more, the Lord spoke to me about how the colors and variety of plants is like His Kingdom. If there were only one or two species of plant, it could still be beautiful, but I heard HIm say, “Look at how the yellow is made more vibrant by the green; the reds and the lavender, the different textures and sizes.” It all combines to create a beautiful tapestry of life, and each is made more beautiful by what surrounds it — just like all of us who are drawn to our Lord with different gifts. Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. In this week of thanksgiving, I am so thankful for all my spiritual family at Global Spheres.


  6. Posted by Chrystal in Canada on November 23, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    Dear Pam,
    My husband and I were visiting friends in Frisco TX this past week. On Monday afternoon, amid a downpour of rain, we were able to walk around the garden! What a wonderful delight to represent my family from Alberta, Canada and enjoy the artistry and obvious hours of effort that have flourished into the garden. I was hoping that you or your team would be there in person, but as it was raining, we were the only ones there! Multiplied blessings, Chrystal McClellan


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