Abundance in the Garden..

Happy Feasts of Tabernacles, All!

The garden seems to be even more alive than usual this week during our Feasts celebration. The Monarchs that we haven’t seen in a few years here are everywhere! I took some pictures this morning and was absolutely delighted with the amount of life I was seeing everywhere, including a Ferruginous hawk – the largest hawk species in America – which Pam says winters here but she hasn’t seen any up close. He had his eye on our ducks but flew off when I got close. Please enjoy the photos and enjoy your celebrations this week!



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  1. Posted by Heidi Woodham on October 13, 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Just love the Monarch butterflies – their polka dotted edged wings!! And the hawk is spectacular….and the talking geese. Thanks so much for this blessing!


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