The Month of Nissan…

Shabbat Shalom, All!

This is our first fruits weekend for the month of Nissan which is linked with the tribe of Judah. I’ve put together a video of footage from all seasons from Judah in the garden. The month of Nissan/Judah is the beginning of Spring, and just as Judah goes first, you can see the first fruits of the new growth sprouting up in the garden! God’s design is just incredible – I love seeing how He linked the first month of the Hebrew calendar with the first signs of new life in creation. It is the month where the hope we have carried through the winter season to “spring up” in such a way that we can see the beginnings of the promise we have hoped and warred for! It is the month to praise and see the fruits of your labor coming forth!

Please enjoy this video and let it stir up a new song of praise and thanksgiving as you begin to see the work that He has been doing under the surface burst forth in a new way.

Be sure and tune in this Sunday for our First Fruits celebration service and hear Robert Heidler teach on the month of Nissan!

The webcast will be available here:


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  1. Posted by Maria Wennberg on March 26, 2017 at 2:45 am

    What a beautiful gift you have sent us, reflecting all four seasons in the Garden. thank you. I love the worship and prophetic words in the Garden. thank you for laboring to prepare all for us at Passover. I love you all. Maria


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