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Restoring your vessel so the river of life can flow!

Happy Friday all!

Many of you who follow the blog or have been able to visit the garden in person know all about the water feature in Judah that represents the river of life flowing through us (John 7:38 and Rev. 22:1).

The only problem we have had with this water feature has been leaking. So over the last few weeks, in the dead of winter while nothing else has been going on, Jesus and his crew have been working diligently to repair and restore the waterfall. He had to strip it bare and start over with a new foundation, and rebuild from the bottom up.

You all know that 2014 is the year of deliverance, and all of us have been undergoing all kinds of deliverance, maintenance, and cleansing. You can’t put a bandaid on your wounds and expect them to heal – you must allow God to dig in deep and restore and repair you from the inside out! If you feel that you have been undergoing some serious cleaning out and deliverance, rejoice, because you are in good company! This is a season that God is asking us to shed our burdens so that we can rise up and walk on the water as He has called us to do. We can’t do that if we’re clinging to the past!

I’ve prepared this video of the process of the restoration of the waterfall in Judah, and I encourage you to watch it and declare that God is restoring you from the inside out, and you will be better, more whole, and more joyful than you have ever been! This video is a visual representation of what is going on in the Body of Christ right now. He is cleaning house, and the outcome will be beautiful and a wonderful testimony to God’s glory. Don’t let the devil discourage you during this time! Take heart in your season of deliverance, and remember Romans 8:18 – the pain and struggles of the present cannot even come close to comparing to the joy and life that is coming! Rejoice!

The song in the video is called Lead Me to the Waters and is by James Vincent. It’s on The Portal CD and is available on iTunes.